Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blackbird Bramble

Blackbird Bramble
8x8", Oil on panel


This image seems fitting, as we head into the last week of October.  Something about this images reminds me of old fairy tales.  Like something out of Grimm.
I've been interested in birds lately, keeping an eye out for them.  I've been taking photos of birds gathering on power lines and tree tops.  I'm sure that the images will find their way into my paintings.   

When I began this painting, I wanted the surface to feel like an old fresco.  Instead of my usual smooth surface over canvas or panel, I began by adding a layer of spackle, which then was coated with a layer of gesso.  The surface was exactly what I wanted:  textured and highly absorbent.  My oil glazes played off of the surface that gave me that old world and mysterious look that I was after. 

Friday, October 7, 2011

October Update

October began with a party.  We had our big fundraiser for our local school, where I had donated one of my paintings.  I'm happy to say that bidding was lively and it looks like we raised some much needed funds.  My painting went to a great new home that night.  

Bidding closing on the art portion of the auction.  My painting is on the easel. 

My work is currently in a couple of venues here for you local folks in the Bay area.  If you go to Los Gatos Framing, I have a couple of paintings there, including one of my mini bee paintings.

My work is also at Many Hands Gallery, in Capitola.  It's right near Gayle's Bakery, in case you need an excuse for a little field trip.  I have a lot of work in there, including one large painting of Moss Landing, several medium sized paintings, and a lot of my small-scale paintings.  These include some of my encaustic paintings as well my paintings of birds and bees.  This work should be up through the month of October.

I also have one painting up at Saffron and Genevieve, in Santa Cruz.  If you haven't been to this shop yet, it is well worth the visit.  Scarlett, the owner, has an amazing eye for one-of-a-kind pieces and I hear tell that she just got back from a buying trip to Texas. I'm not sure how much longer this painting will be up, but it's there in the shop now.

Keep checking back as I am back in the studio working on the next round of paintings.  I can tell you that I have one large painting on the easel, several small-scale paintings in the works, and I've had a few days of playing with encaustics.  I'll be sure to share new work here.