Thursday, September 17, 2009

Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove
Oil on canvas

My neighbors have this lovely Redwood grove in their driveway. There are days, particularly when the light is just right, or a there's a bit of fog left to the morning, when this view just pulls me in. It's so great to have this on our little road, where every-day errands and business has my family in the car and rushing everywhere. It's nice to slow down & just pay attention to our everyday surroundings.

I made this painting with a special event in mind. My children's school has their annual fundraiser. It's a small public school, and with the severe education budget cuts, it seems more important than ever to pull together as a community and give our kids the best education and resources that we can. This painting is being donated to the upcoming Gala and Auction. Being relatively new to this unique community, I'm looking forward to making my contribution.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winter Fog, Redwood

Winter Fog, Redwood
Oil on canvas

It's coming up on our two year anniversary of moving to California. Our first winter here was memorable. We were renting a beautiful, yet remote house here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In the master bedroom was a large window, and framed perfectly in that window was this Redwood tree. The marine layer would pour in from the Pacific nightly, and every morning this tree would loom, ghostly and magestic. I began this painting while renting that house, and put it away for a while. Recently I pulled it back onto the easel, and finished those delicate layers of fog, of morning light, of a hint of blue sky behind that morning grey.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to school, back to work

Beginning of a Redwood Grove painting

Miss S. giving Spot a snack

My youngest, amongst the Redwoods

The calendar says September 1st, which for me and a lot of people means back to school and back to work. Summer flew by as we were busy with back to back house guests. All together we had over 30 days of visitors. I got to the studio when I could, but mostly I embraced summer for what it was... time to be with my kids and enjoy playing tourist with our company.
So last week, the kids began their school year, and I've been getting reacquainted with my studio work. September for me is officially the New Year. This is the time of year where I make plans and resolutions. My deadline is next June, when the kids get out for the next summer break and havoc resumes. I've picked up where I left off, and I have my list of goals and plans. I'm working on a painting which will be offered for auction at the local school's fundraising Gala. The 20"x20" sized canvases will continue, and I'll start a new batch of small scale work priced for holidays & tight budgets. There is also a large canvas in my studio that I'm stalking.
Hopefully I'll be back to my previous blog posting schedule.