Thursday, September 17, 2009

Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove
Oil on canvas

My neighbors have this lovely Redwood grove in their driveway. There are days, particularly when the light is just right, or a there's a bit of fog left to the morning, when this view just pulls me in. It's so great to have this on our little road, where every-day errands and business has my family in the car and rushing everywhere. It's nice to slow down & just pay attention to our everyday surroundings.

I made this painting with a special event in mind. My children's school has their annual fundraiser. It's a small public school, and with the severe education budget cuts, it seems more important than ever to pull together as a community and give our kids the best education and resources that we can. This painting is being donated to the upcoming Gala and Auction. Being relatively new to this unique community, I'm looking forward to making my contribution.

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