Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Four Elements





This group of paintings were a commission to create my own version of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  Measuring 8x8", each painting is oil on birch panel.  The end result were a group of  paintings which have a distinctly West Coast influence.  I chose to relate the theme to my own personal experience and observations. 

The Earth painting was inspired by the rich agricultural land of Monterey County, specifically the vast strawberry fields in Watsonville.  

Circling honeybees were my approach for the Air painting.  I presently keep bees on my Santa Cruz Mountain property.  I think of them in correlation to our West Coast agriculture. 

California wildfires are the inspiration for Fire.  Plumes of smoke have their own particular beauty that I find fascinating.  

The Water painting was a reprise of an image that I've explored before in my work.  The clear and intense blue of Lake Tahoe's water was my inspiration and source. 

These paintings are now in a private collection in Philadelphia.  

I really enjoyed this commission.  In fact, one of these paintings has influenced a new body of work. Stay tuned for studio updates and news of upcoming exhibits.  

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